How do I manage categories (change the order in which they appear)?

You can manage your categories and subcategories, which means that you control the order in which your categories appear within the main navigation bar. You can also control the order in which subcategories appear within categories. If you would like to change the order in which your categories or subcategories appear you can do so by following the instructions below.

    1. Click on ‘Edit’ on the top admin bar and scroll down to and click on ‘Manage Categories’. This will open the Managing categories page.
    2. Within the ‘Managing categories page’ the categories appear from left to right. The main categories appears on the far left with subcategories positioned to the right and sub-subcategories to the far right.
    3. Click on the category or subcategory you want to relocate and drag and drop it into its new position. To drag the category, place your mouse over the category name. Click on the category name and keep your finger on the mouse. Keeping your finger on the mouse, move the category or subcategory up or down to the desired location and drop it by releasing your finger from the mouse.
    5. You will now see the new position the category within the main navigation bar.

You can also edit categories and subcategories from this page by clicking on the pen symbol to the right of the relevant category then refer to the help page How do I edit a product category or subcategory? and follow the instructions from number 5 onwards.