How do I delete a product group?

  1. To delete a product group go the to the column within the category, subcategory or page that you would like to delete the product group from.
  2. To identify the correct product group first make sure you are in the correct column. Each product group can be identified by looking for the product group name within the text. See examples below.
  3. Drag your mouse over the product group to highlight it then press delete on your keyboard.
  4. Click the ‘Update’ button to save the information you have entered. This will take you to the page you have added the Featured product group to.


A Featured Product Group example is PRODUCT_GROUP[featured,Featured Products,3]
A Special offers product group example is PRODUCT_GROUP[on_offer,Special Offers,4]
A Just In product group example is PRODUCT_GROUP[just_in,Just In,4,8]
A Custom Selection product group is PRODUCT_GROUP[products,163,165,121,174]