How do I change the style of text on a page?

When we design your site, we consider type styles which work well with your shop image. You can can change the style of text on your page by choosing these pre-defined styles in the content editor.

  1. Navigate to the page you want to edit using the main shop navigation.
  2. From  the Admin Menu Bar select Edit this page or Edit this category  depending whether you are in a page or category (the Menu Bar works this out for you).
  3. In the content edit box select the text that you want to apply a style to by clicking and dragging your cursor.
  4. Above the content editing box you will see an icon bar.  Clicking on H1 to H4 will insert a tag in the editing window which will define the style of the text when you save the page.
  5. You can also apply bold, italic, under line and score through styles as well as ranging text.
  6. To create a bullet or number list, select the text and click on the relevant icon.
  7. Click the Update button at the foot of the page to save your changes.