How do I edit my Company name?

    1. Place your mouse over ‘Settings’ on the admin bar at the top of any page. Click on ‘General’. This will open the ‘Shop settings’ page.
    2. Click on the highlighted ‘Edit’ button to the right of Company name. This will open the ‘Editing configuration’ page.  You will see the ‘item’ available for editing is Company name.
    3. Click on the ‘Value’ box and highlight the existing entry by clicking your mouse, holding it down and dragging it over the text. You can then type in the new/edited information.
    4. To accept and confirm the information you have entered, click the ‘Update’ button. If you do not want to proceed, click on ‘cancel or go back’ to the right of the ‘Update’ button and the information you have entered will not be saved.