How do I email recipients?

    1. To email the registrants click on ‘Email these (quantity) registrants’. This will open the ‘Email all Mailing List Registrants Compose email’ page.
    2. Click on the ‘subject’ box and enter the title of your email.
    3. Next click on the large text box below this and enter the content of your email. 4. When you are happy with the composed email click on the small box to the left of ‘Send to all users (if not selected, will only send to you – admin)’. This will add a tick to the box.
    5. Click on the ‘Send email’ button to send the email to all your recipients or click on ‘Go back without sending’ if you do not want to send the email.

NOTE: If you would like to send a test email to yourself alone leave the ‘Send to all users’ unticked and the email will only be sent to you.