How do I create a discount price?

You can create offers for your customers by providing them with a code to use at the checkout. This code can be quoted in adverts with the aim of driving traffic to your website. You can choose to discount by a percentage or by a price for a specific period of time.

    1. To create a ‘price discount’ offer, place your mouse over ‘My Shop’ and click on ‘Offers’. This will open the ‘Listing offers’ page.
    2. Click on ‘new offer’ part of ‘Create a new offer’. This will open the ‘New offer’ page.
    3. Click on the ‘Code’ box and enter the code that will be used in the promotion (e.g. XMASSPECIAL£5/£35).
    4. Click on the ‘Name’ box and enter the name of the offer, as it will be published in adverts e.g. Christmas Special – £5 off when you spend £35 or more.
    5. To make sure that the discount is not used outwith its allotted time, enter the date that your offer will start on. To do this, click on the arrows to the right of the year and scroll up or down, releasing your mouse on your chosen year.
    6. Repeat this to choose a month, date and time.
    7. Then enter the price of the discount in the ‘Discount price’ box.
    8. You can set a minimum order value that the discount can be used on. To do this, enter a price in the ‘Required price’ box.
    9. Click ‘Create’ to save all the information and create the offer or click on ‘go back’ if you do not wish to proceed