How do I discount an existing product?

    1. Go through the catalogue to the product that you would like to edit and click on [edit] beside name and price before opening the product by clicking on it’s image. Alternatively if the product page is open click on ‘Edit’ on the admin bar at the top of the page and place your mouse over ‘Edit this page’. Either of these actions will will open up the ‘Editing product’ page.
    2.  To discount the product scroll down to the Sku box and go the ‘Offer price (if applicable)’ box  and drag your mouse over the current price to highlight it. Type in the new price. Repeat to change the offer price of any other Skus.
    3.  If you are happy with ALL the information you have entered please click the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the page and your product will be edited and the catalogue updated.