How do I reduce the inventory of a product when a sale has not been made online?

If you sell a product offline and therefore have one less of that product to sell online you may want to reduce the product’s inventory. This has to be done manually. To do this follow the instructions below.

    1. Go through the catalogue to the product that you would like to edit, in this case by reducing the inventory. Do not open up the product by clicking on it’s photo.
    2. Click on [edit] beside the product’s name and price. This will open up the ‘Editing product’ page.
    3. Scroll down to the Skus and click on the box to the right of ‘Add stock inventory’. If you have sold 1 product offline, for example and wish to reduce the current inventory by 1 then enter -1, that is the minus sign on your keyboard and the number 1. If had sold 3 of this product offline you would enter – 3 into the box and so on.
    4. To save the changes click on the ‘Update’ button at the base of the page.