How do I edit a product?

  1. Go through the catalogue to the product that you would like to edit.
  2. Click on [edit] beside name and price. This will open up the ‘Editing product’ page.
  3. By clicking on each box you can edit the name and description of the product.
  4. If you would like to move the product to a different category click on the Category within the ‘Selected’ box and use the single arrow pointing to the left to move the category into the ‘Available’ box. Then move the correct category from the ‘Available’ box into the ‘Selected’ box using the single arrow pointing to the right.  You can repeat this if you would like the product to appear in multiple categories. The product will automatically appear in the new category/categories you have chosen for it.
  5. You can alter the shipping band by clicking the arrows on the button directly underneath ‘Product shipping band’. Scroll up or down and click on the shipping band you want to allocate to this product.
  6. To change the sku name, click on the current name and drag you mouse over it to highlight it. Type in the new name.
  7. To change the stock code, click on the current code and drag you mouse over it to highlight it. Type in the new name.
  8. You will see the ‘Current stock inventory’ quantity underneath the stock code. If you want to allocate more stock to this product, click on the ‘Add stock inventory’ box and type in the quantity you want to add.
  9. To change the price, click on the current price and drag you mouse over it to highlight it. Type in the new price. Repeat to change the offer price (if applicable).
  10. To change the product photo you must remove the current photo and replace it with the new photo.  Click on the ‘delete?’ box to the right of the photo. This will place a tick in the box. Click the ‘Browse’ button below the current photo. When you click on this it will take you to your computer where you can find a new image.  Go to the photo you would like to use and click on ‘Open’. This action will hold the image until you confirm that you would like to create this new product (i.e. add it to your catalogue).
  11. If you are happy with ALL the information you have entered please click the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the page and your product will be edited and the catalogue updated.