How do I manage pages?

You can manage your pages, which means you control the order in which your pages appear within the main navigation bar. You can also reorder the pages within the header and the footer areas.

The location of the navigation link for a page cannot be changed here. In other words, if your About page is within the Main Navigation, it cannot be moved to Footer Navigation. To change the link location please refer to the instructions for ‘How do I edit a page?’.

To manage your pages follow the instructions below.

  1. Place your mouse over ‘Edit’ on the admin bar, which appears at the top of the page when logged in. This will open a drop down menu, click on Manage pages. This will open the ‘Manage pages’ page.
  2. Click on the chosen page and drag and drop it into its new position. To drag the page, place your mouse over the page name. Click on the page name and keep your finger on the mouse. Keeping your finger on the mouse, move the page up or down to the desired location and drop it by releasing your finger from the mouse.
  3. You will see that the order of your pages has now changed on the main navigation bar.

Categories can also be managed. Please refer to How do I manage categories (change the order in which they appear)? for instructions.

NOTE: The header area is at the top right hand side of your website. The footer area is at the bottom right hand side of your website.