How do I use Worldpay to take payments?

How to use Worldpay to take payments

1. Setup an account with Worldpay
2. in ORS:On: Enter your credentials in the orson admin under General -> Settings
Set “Enable Worldpay” to on.
Set “WorldPay account” to  your installation ID (typically an 8 digit number)
3. in Worldpay: Log in to the Worldpay Merchant Interface
Select Installations from the left hand navigation
Choose an installation and select the Integration Setup button for either the PRODUCTION environment

* Set “Payment Response enabled?” to Yes
* Set “Enable the Shopper Response” to Yes
* Set “Payment Response URL” to: <wpdisplay item=MC_callback>

Then click save. You should get a message like:

SUCCESS: Payment Response enabled? set to yes
SUCCESS: Enable the Shopper Response set to yes
SUCCESS: Payment Response URL set

Now you are ready to start taking payments into your live account.

NOTE:  Only Level100 and above accounts have these options.