How do I set up a domain for my shop?

ORS:On gives you a free subdomain for your shop. But let us suppose you want your shop to be available at and have also registered so that if someone enters this address, they get redirected to your .com address.

When you are ready to go live with, log into your ORS:On admin and go to Settings -> Domains. On this page, enter the domain that you wish to be the primary for your shop – in this case In the redirecting domains field, enter your other domain Save the changes.

Then please go to the registrar (the company you bought the domain(s) with originally) and using their control panel, setup a CNAME record for the www record to

Each domain registration has a unique control panel layout but a typical procedure would be:

  1. Administer Domain Names
  2. Administer DNS  (for each domain you own – eg  and
  3. Add DNS record (choose CNAME)
  4. Set domain to www
  5. Set type to CNAME
  6. Set alias to

Note: Do not use an A record (IP Address) to point your domain to ORS:On. IP addresses are subject to change over time, which can leave your shop inaccessible. Also, do not use “web forwarding” as this typically uses a frameset and will hinder your search engine ranking.

The changes can take up to 48hrs to become fully available. As soon as the dns has been updated, your shop will become available on it’s new domain(s).

If you are having difficulty with this please contact us direct.